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November 3 2015 | Blog

This book by Jill Murphy was an all time favourite in our house. 

This is a gorgeous 25th anniversary edition of the award-winning children's book, and it comes with a cute height chart. It's one of the stories in the Large family collection – In this one Mrs Large is trying to sneak off and have five minutes of peace and quiet away from her children (none of us knows what that feels like, right?) She quietly tries to run herself a lovely hot bubble bath and tip toe away without the children noticing with her breakfast and newspaper, (seriously! what was the woman thinking?) 

Any of you who have tried this will be able to guess exactly what happens next! 


Being a Mum is beautifully painted in this sweet classic from Jill Murphy, one of Britain's most treasured author-illustrators.

I love her books about the endearing domestic chaos of her sweet and funny elephant family. They'll all be turning up on the blog before long x

You can read about the multi award winning Jill Murphy here.

You can buy the book here on amazon or here at Walker Books, they have also released a 30th anniversary edition here, or even better support your local bookstore!

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