Where are we, the human mothers?

December 3 2015 | Blog

So it would seem that we are to bomb Syria after all and I am so desperately sad, this is not a political post, nor does it have anything to do with whether or not I support our armed forces. I just feel so acutely the pain and fear of other mothers, I am angry, frustrated that there is apparently nothing I can do. The overwhelming protectiveness I feel for my own children 24/7 and the sickness and rage I feel seeing what is happening to children less fortunate. I can't even begin to imagine how it must feel if you are unable to protect your babies.

Children are not and should never be 'collateral damage' in adult conflicts, war, famine or disease.

Where are we, the human mothers? Where is our platform to speak up? Why do we apparently have no say in this. Where is our public or political arena to firmly say "WE WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO HURT A SINGLE CHILD".

Take 17 minutes out of your day to watch this beautiful and powerful TED talk.

"The Fierce Face of the Feminine".

Make a cup of tea, and soak up the wisdom. This lady, Chameli Ardagh, is an inspiration, she so eloquently puts into words how I feel as a Mother.

Every time I watch it I cry. Not only with the sadness and frustration of knowing that children are suffering all over the world, but also because she gives me hope that as a global force women can and will change things. She gives me strength, reminds me that the rage I feel is a good thing, mothers are supposed to be a force to be reckoned with. Protecting children is a primal instinct and there is never a 'sensible political' reason not to. 



Simple non-negotiable message    "NOT THE CHILDREN" 

And this is why UNICEF is one of the charities we support at Hope & Fortune, for their great work protecting children in conflict zones and raising awareness so that these children do not suffer without the world knowing about it. #worldupsidedown



Chameli Ardagh is the  founder of Awakening Woman Institute.

You can find her on Facebook here and here

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Additional images from UNICEF and Pinterest.

For more inspirational talks visit



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