Mother-Baby breath

August 14 2015 | Blog

Take a little time each day to connect with your baby and allow yourself to check in with your own feelings. Be ok with those feelings whatever they are, simply focus on the miracle that is happening inside you. Recognise any feelings of fear or anxiety, acknowledge them…. and then let them go.

Sit comfortably, bring awareness to the ground underneath you, feel a release into the physical body, broadening and deepening into the earth

Soften your jaw,  your throat, your tongue

Allow your left hand to rest over your heart

Your right hand on your belly

As you breathe become aware of breathing for both you and your baby

Visualise the breath travelling down into your womb

Allow the breath to become a channel for communication between you and your child

A river of pure love

Feel the breath move through your heart space carrying love to your baby

And moving from your baby back to your heart carrying love


Inhale and nurture your baby with the breath

Exhale and soften and nourish your own body

Namaste beautiful Yoga Mummas xx

Thank you to the stunning Rachael and Kathryn who let us take photos in class at Kendra Studio. And so you know those perfect bumps turned out to be perfect baby girls, welcome to the world Seren and Erin we love you xxxxx

Photos by the incredibly talented Kat xx 


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