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October 23 2016 | Blog
Louise came to me with the idea to make the some of the most beautiful baby blankets on the market, stylish enough to take their place in any home with the most environmental and ethical credentials to match. But she wanted to do more, she wanted to build a community to celebrate life, motherhood and the love for a child, all whilst giving back to Mothers and Children that need a little extra support. It was my job (SunSide Studio) to bring this idea to life, through brand and website design - discovering the Hope & Fortune direction and values along the way. For all moodboard credit visit the <a href="" >project pinterest board </a>
Armed with he knowledge that the blankets would be luxurious yet understated with a timeless yet distinctive style, I set about creating the design of the Hope & Fortune Brand - starting with the moodboard. Cool, muted colour palettes with a touch of luxury and soft edges. From here we moved quickly onto page upon page of sketches and squiggles (my favourite part!)
Once sketches are exhausted the favourite designs are mocked up
The final outcome - the logo is soft and friendly with a luxurious touch - embodying the comfort of being wrapped in a blanket. It's modern, caring and perfectly understated.
Hope & Fortune brand board from SunSide Studio 
The muted palette has been brought through to this very website you’re visiting right now. A place of calm, laughter, inspiration and smiles. The beauty is in the simplicity. A clean design to bring you a haven in the middle of the night when feeding time comes. So please enjoy, come back time and time again and help to build the very community that Louise dreams of. 
Jennie Lewis | SunSide Studio

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