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November 2 2015 | Blog

Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden have a great campaign going on to encourage women to indulge in a 'hush hour', easier said than done I know! They did some research and discovered that 7/10 women in the UK feel under pressure to be the "perfect woman/ mother/ wife/ boss". That 43% of the women they asked find their never ending "to do list" the most stressful thing in their lives, even though they are completing on average 26 tasks per day. They felt they were being bombarded with images of how powerful, successful and busy they were supposed to be, 88% of them felt that 'brands' in particular were putting too much pressure on them to be perfect. That's 12 million women saying that they feel like they are about to burn out.

There are plenty of realists/ cynics saying that Sanctuary are simply trying to sell their products and that it is just clever marketing, and of course that is true to some extent. There is no sense in making products if you don't intend to try and sell them, but to me the campaign has more substance to it than that, watch it, think about it and I'll share my thoughts too.

 I like it and I'll tell you why. It evokes a time when the older and wiser women in our circles advised us, guided us. A tradition that goes back centuries to times where we sat around fires and learnt from storytellers, when the world was a little slower and kinder. A time when extended families and generations brought a child up together as a community whilst supporting each other. As women we have rightly fought hard for the opportunities we have today but we must be careful not to be chewed up and spat out in the process of trying to be everything to everyone.

So it's a 10 from me Sanctary Spa, nicely done.

So make some time for just you today, give yourself some love if you can. Light a candle, pour a glass of something lovely, sneak off to the bathroom and we all know exactly what will happen next……..

 Yep! That's about right :)  

Read about this classic children's book here x

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Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden products here.


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