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August 12 2017 | Blog

What the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust does is truly humbling. It's a cause that I am absolutely passionate about and I have supported them for a long time. I spent much of my childhood in Kenya and still have friends there so we are lucky enough to be able to visit the orphanage in Nairobi when we are there.

It's not simply the conservation of these majestic animals that matters it's the emotional and moral side of it. These creatures give us a masterclass in love, loyalty, extended family, community, peace and successful social structure. These mothers carry their babies for 22 months and only have babies every 4 to 5 years. They nurse them for about 3 years. The whole herd works together to raise the young, the older Matriarchs lead them on established, memorised routes to find water and food. This knowledge will not be passed on to the younger females as the elders in the herds are poached for their ivory. The bond between a baby elephant and its mother can possibly be described as the closest of any animal on earth. If she's a girl, she will typically remain with her mother right into her own adulthood and until the mother dies in old age, if he's a boy he'll stay just as close until he's about 12.

 Every orphan of ivory poaching once had a family. This is their story.


‘I will always remember you’ shows how elephant families are being torn apart by ivory poaching. As portrayed through Hugo Guinness’ animation, showing the life saving work of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. At the orphanage they build a future for rescued elephants and provide infant victims of the ivory trade with a second chance. Please SHARE widely! #RememberMe

Hugo Guinness’ animation, created entirely through painstaking pen to paper illustrations, was produced by Allegra Pilkington and Luisa Crosbie. It was inspired from the artwork, vision and heart of Hugo and took 5 months to create. The original music for the film was composed by Joe Trapanese.

The stories of ivory orphans don’t end when they arrive at the Nursery. Survivors like the orphan elephant in the film, have the opportunity to not only live, but to go on and start their own families back in the wild.

Want to be a part of their future? Foster an orphaned baby elephant in their care at:

Stay connected with The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust:

 How can we not act?

Sponsor a baby and always say no to Ivory..... Love  Louise x

Images are my own, taken at the Nairobi nursery of the DSWT 

You can also get involved here 


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