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October 30 2016 | Blog

Our blankets have a very special and unique filler design. Three layers of organic, unbleached muslin. Muslin is a wonderful fabric, perfect for babies as it is light and breathable which reduces the risk of overheating. Our clever herringbone weave means that the blanket will always retain it's shape and structure.

The name muslin originates from the city of Mosul in Iraq where it was first made. Europe started importing it in the early 17th century where it was used to make light, breathable clothing.

Our organic GOTS (Global Organic Trading Standard) and Oeko-Tex 100 certified muslin comes from India. The certification is really important for three reasons.

  • There are no nasty chemical residues left on the fabric to come into contact with your precious baby's skin. The skin is your baby's largest organ and will absorb anything it comes into contact with.
  • It ensures that none of the people that have worked with the cotton muslin have been exposed to any harmful pesticides or chemicals. So that's everyone from the people who grew and harvested the cotton to the people who made the blankets.
  • We can trace all the way back to the soil that the cotton was grown in, no chemical pesticides are used and that means no soil or water pollution.

So that's a win-win for us all.....Baby, Mama and Mother Earth x

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